What is a D/B/A and do I need one?

Filing for a doing business as in Illinois requires several steps but for many businesses is 100% necessary.

Verify that you are required to file a DBA for the business name you have chosen.
Verify that the name you have chosen is not being used by another business. If your business is a sole proprietorship or partnership, this is accomplished by searching your county’s public record of business licenses.
Determine where your business will be located. You are required to file your DBA in every Illinois county in which your business is located.
Determine the appropriate government agency to file in; generally the county clerk’s office.
Complete a Legal Notice to be Published Form and submit it with your registration.
Publish the legal notice of your intent to do business under a fictitious name in a newspaper of general circulation in each county. The notice must be published within 15 days of your application and must be published once a week for three weeks in a row.
Submit proof of publication to the registering agency. The newspaper will give you a notarized Certificate of Publication for this purpose. Submit it along with a clipping of the original published notice within the time limit set by the county. The Clerk’s Office will give you a certificate and register the business name.
If you’d like one of our attorney’s to walk you through this process, take your information and complete these filings for you to ensure their accuracy, please contact us

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