25 Sep 2016
Gia Scatchell

Now a lawyer can be in two places at the same time

After too many days of prepping for and traveling to Chicago courthouses for five-minute status updates, attorney Gianna Scatchell came up with an alternative—and a business. Why not pay another lawyer $100 an hour to cover those basic appearances and stick around the office to bill $300 an hour? Having a surrogate would also allow an attorney to be in two places at once when hearings are scheduled at the same time.

Her startup, Run the Call, will work something like Uber, connecting attorneys who are seeking coverage for court appearances with lawyers who can provide it—with the company taking a cut of 10 percent or less. Scatchell, 32, and her co-founders Adam Codilis and Kris Sage have raised $250,000 from friends and family.

“There’s been a few times where I wish Run the Call was ready,” Scatchell says, recalling the panic triggered in November by a last-minute motion filed while she was en route to Hawaii. “I really wish I could just hit a button instead of going through the whole rigmarole of ‘Let me send 25 text messages.’ ”

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18 Sep 2015

What Makes A Financial Website Successful?

At one time, the internet appeared to offer all organizations a simple proposition: email connectivity and a clickable presence in the form of a website. Today, web presence has rapidly evolved with interactive content and the ability to deliver transactional experiences – or e-commerce. Migrating services online helps business reduce costs, while customers benefit from the convenience and autonomy of self-service.

Financial services are faced with the challenge of delivering their customers with an online experience that goes far beyond just a website.

Financial services sites are absolutely competitive. They are really trying to drive people online. The self-service model is being taken seriously so they want to make sure their sites are available, responsive and allow users to do as many things as possible.

Though, many have shown an overall poor performance. The top reasons for failure were as follows: company websites make browsing too difficult; content missing, repeated and poorly worded; and site search doesn’t work for typical tasks.

Here are three factors for a successful online financial service site which keeps users engaged and displays great use of technology while still delivers the company’s messages clearly and effectively:

  • Customer experience, which includes the impression the homepage and overall design style give the customers, their satisfaction when they interact with the site and perform tasks.
  • Best practices, such as ease of use, quality, availability and security – site managers must be compliant with data laws requiring them to protect customer information and the integrity of customer accounts.
  • Service-level, which looks at responsiveness and reliability of websites – scores them on how quickly they respond to user commands and such factors as average downtime.

Financial services must tie these three factors together – customer experience, best practices and reliability/responsiveness – to have an effective web presence. They can’t go hard into one particular area and ignore the others. They have to understand what’s available versus their competitors, what consumers think of their sites versus competitors’ and how their sites are performing.

25 Sep 2016

Doxing: A New Threat to your Online Identity

Facebook, Twitter, Zillow, Amazon, Hulu all make our lives more interconnected and social. It’s fun to see who has ‘Liked’ your Facebook Status or who has ‘Retweeted’ your last Tweet. This willingness to share much of your waking day with your Friends and Fans exposes your personal information to many Internet Foes.

Piecing together someone’s identity across various Internet sites, social media channels, and public records is known as Doxing. Simply put doxing means “document tracing”. Doxing can easily be used to harass, threaten, steal, or stalk a person. The amount of information out there is just plain scary. I recently found my high school track records using a deep link search site called pipl.com. Give it whirl yourself and see what you find!

25 Sep 2016


Overview of the 4 Different Types of Information Users Provide to Social Media Provider

 Personally Identifiable Information 

Includes: Inter Protocol (IP) address, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), national identification numbers, drivers license number, vehicle registration number, credit card numbers, financial account numbers, username, digital identification numbers, or social security number.

Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information

Sensitive information may include social security number, health-related information, certain types of financial information, race, ethnicity, gender, sex, and sexual orientation.

Anonymized or Aggregated Information

Anonymized or aggregated information means data that relates to groups, a specific demographic, or an individual, that has been stripped of personally identifiable information.

Embedded Information (Metadata)
Metadata means data about data. Metadata for photo images, for example, may contain the date and time a photo was taken. If taken by a mobile phone camera, metadata may also contain the location of where the photo was taken. Finally, product registration procedures may embed certain personal information like name and address in the metadata, as well.

03 Jul 2016

Gianna Scatchell

Gianna Scatchell attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she double majored in Speech Communication and Spanish. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Arts on May 2006. She excelled academically and was on Dean’s List every semester and received James’ Scholar designation from Spring 2003 to Fall 2006.[1] She received the General Assembly Legislative Scholarship, which was a full scholarship for academic years 2004-2005 and 2005-2006. During her summers, Ms. Scatchell interned at the constituent office of State Senator Don Harmon. Additionally, Ms. Scatchell served as a Teaching Assistant in the Speech Communication Department (Fall 2004 Semester) where she aided the professor in a course based on the impact of social networks on election campaigns.

At the University of Illinois, Ms. Scatchell was a part of several student organizations where she held the following leadership positions: Risk Management Chair (2004) for Kappa Alpha Theta sorority; Peer Tutor Coordinator for Phi Eta Sigma pre-law honor’s fraternity; and Social Chair for Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors Society. Ms. Scatchell additionally authored an article, Women in Law, which appeared in the University of Illinois’ Pre-law Newspaper, the Gavel. She also participated in several charity activities and fundraisers for organizations including: CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for children).

Ms. Scatchell attended the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois where she received her juris doctorate in May 2009. She became a member of the Illinois Bar in November 2009 and a member of the Federal Bar in January 2011. In January 2012, Ms. Scatchell obtained an LL.M. in International Trade and Business from John Marshall.

While she attended John Marshall, she served as Class Representative for both Phi Alpha Delta Honors Fraternity and the Justinian Society of Italian Lawyers. Additionally, Ms. Scatchell acted as an advisor for both John Marshall’s Summer College for Assessing Legal Education Skills (SCALES) Program and the Justinian Society’s law student mentor program. While in law school, Ms. Scatchell interned and held a 7/11 license at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in both the Felony Trial and Traffic (DUI) Divisions for approximately two years. She also worked as a research assistant for Professor Spanbauer (2007-2010) and for Professor Ronald Smith (2007) at John Marshall.

Similarly, Ms. Scatchell has been very active in the Chicago Legal Community. Gianna is one of the founding members of the Illinois Association of Independent Attorneys, an non-profit organization designed to help solo practitioners navigate through the practice of law. Additionally, she has been active in the Women’s Bar Association of Chicago where she was on the planning committee for the WBAI Annual Installation Dinner in 2010. Ms. Scatchell is also a member of the Illinois State Bar Association and the Justinian Society of Italian-American Lawyers. She has been asked to speak at the Illinois State Bar Association on the topic of ethics in legal process outsourcing. She has also been asked to serve on a panel discussing the legal implications of Daily Deal Sites.

Gianna has extensive international experience, having studied and lived with a host family in Granada, Spain for over five months. She is fluent in both spoken and written Spanish and maintains a proficient level in Italian. Last winter, Ms. Scatchell started learning conversational Mandarin.

Ms. Scatchell is an active member in several small business organizations and start-up communities such as the Emerging Business Committee of Chicago and Chicago Summit Series Group. She is also an active participant in the National Summit Series Conferences, which are “invitation-only retreats and discussions focused on business practices, technological innovation, and raising awareness and funds for various charitable causes.”[2] Through these conferences, she continues to hone her skills to keep up with the rapid pace of technology by collaborating with the likes of top executives from some of the world’s most successful start-ups.

Ms. Scatchell has been passionate about technology and Start-ups. In what began as both a hobby and a necessity to defray her own start-up costs, Ms. Scatchell began to learn programming. Currently, she is a proficient in the coding languages of php, html, css, and just began instruction in Python. She has also focused her technical skills on Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

Understanding the needs of small business owners and start-ups, Gianna owns a boutique law firm that focuses on the intersection of law and technology to provide consulting for attorneys and professionals to create, manage, and maintain an online presence for their companies or firms. Ms. Scatchell has focused her efforts on issues including: online content strategy, social media E-discovery, social media data forensics, social media compliance, and brand reputation and crisis management. Through her firm, she has volunteered her skills to several different organizations such as the Women’s Bar of Illinois, the Illinois Association of Independent Attorneys, and 21st Century Youth Project[3].

Stemming from the online management of her clients, Ms. Scatchell has been looking at ways to combat online bullying and cybercrime. Accordingly, to better apply her technology background to the practice of law, Ms. Scatchell is completing her second LL.M. in Information Technology and Privacy Law from the John Marshall Law School. She has been asked by the Program Director to assist in researching and rewriting a Bench Book on Privacy Issues for Judges and has been given the opportunity to organize and speak at a John Marshall Seminar to educate attorneys about online reputation risks and how to manage compliance and ethics concerns. Lastly, Gianna has recently consulted with certain law enforcement agencies and schools addressing the unique challenges that technology causes in terms of privacy, compliance, online bullying, and criminal behavior.

[1] http://www.las.illinois.edu/students/honors/james/program/

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summit_Series_(conference)

[3] CPY provides free afterschool programs to teach advanced technology to low and middle income high school student as a path to opportunity for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) careers.

03 Jul 2016

What is a D/B/A and do I need one?

Filing for a doing business as in Illinois requires several steps but for many businesses is 100% necessary.

Verify that you are required to file a DBA for the business name you have chosen.
Verify that the name you have chosen is not being used by another business. If your business is a sole proprietorship or partnership, this is accomplished by searching your county’s public record of business licenses.
Determine where your business will be located. You are required to file your DBA in every Illinois county in which your business is located.
Determine the appropriate government agency to file in; generally the county clerk’s office.
Complete a Legal Notice to be Published Form and submit it with your registration.
Publish the legal notice of your intent to do business under a fictitious name in a newspaper of general circulation in each county. The notice must be published within 15 days of your application and must be published once a week for three weeks in a row.
Submit proof of publication to the registering agency. The newspaper will give you a notarized Certificate of Publication for this purpose. Submit it along with a clipping of the original published notice within the time limit set by the county. The Clerk’s Office will give you a certificate and register the business name.
If you’d like one of our attorney’s to walk you through this process, take your information and complete these filings for you to ensure their accuracy, please contact us

03 Jul 2016

Setting up a corporation

If you’d like to create a formal business organization but are still unsure of which type of organization to choose, simply contact us. One of our attorneys will respond as quickly as possible and arrange a consultation to cover the pros and cons of different types of business organizations.

If you wish to incorporate your business as a C-Corp please fill one of our in-take forms. However, if you wish to elect S-Corp status, you’ll need to fill out additional information in order to do so.

03 Jul 2016


Our Firm can act as transactional and litigation counsel for artists, athletes, composers, directors, producers, and many others in the sports or entertainment fields. On the transactional side, we can advise on business strategy and structuring, form business entities, draft and negotiate a wide array of agreements, and secure intellectual property and right of publicity rights. We add value by working with our clients to take proactive steps to secure and monetize their valuable assets and recognition. We also offer these clients representation with respect to all other matters discussed as practice areas.